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Season starts Wednesday!!! Good luck everyone!!

  USA Football

We are PROUD to be a part of USA FOOTBALL!! Click on the logo to learn more! 


Need a refresher on the rules? Click HERE!! 

If your child gets injured playing Grid Kid, HERE is the insurance form you will need.

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Upper Valley Grid Kid Official Football

The Wilson GST Composite will be the official football of Upper Valley Grid Kid.
Both teams will use the same game ball which will be provided by the league.
5th grade uses the Junior size and 6th, 7th & 8th use the Youth size


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 Today's Games 
No games today.

 Upcoming Games 
6D vs 6IFB
4MR vs 4MG
6R3 vs 6RM1
6R1 vs 6R2
6SCS vs 6SCN
6ERB vs 6RM3
4SCN vs 4R1
5SH vs 5ERW
4WJ vs 4R2
4IFB vs 4STA
6SAL vs 6SS
5SS vs 5DM
6ERW vs 6IFO
5SCE vs 5SCS
4SH vs 4RM1
5DO vs 5SCN
5R3 vs 5IFO
5R1 vs 5R2
4SCE vs 4SS
5MG vs 5MR

 Upcoming Events 
No events scheduled.